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Produkty dobieramy starannie!
  • Zapraszamy do przeczytania oferty!
  • Tylko najlepszej jakości!
  • Produkty dobieramy starannie!


The Ocean –Fish s.c. is a company which deals mainly with salmon, cod and halibut byproducts. Despite of that, we deal mainly with wastes after production, we always care about the highest quality of our products. Practically each factory that we cooperate with was checked by us and thanks to that we know how the production process looks like ,if that what we offer is the highest quality.

The companies ,which cooperate already with us ,know that we always check the goods which we offer. If we don’t have such possibility or we are not certain if the products are good quality we inform our client about that and usually we withdraw from the deal. In our opinion it’s better to say “I’m sorry but I can’t offer you that product”, than sell the product which quality we are not sure of. We are not oriented to the profit at any price. We believe that honest, reliability and good quality products are the groundworks for building a company with good reputation on the market.

Our aim is that cooperation with us means for our clients a pleasure. Each client is very valuable for us. It doesn’t matter if he buys 50 tonnes or 50kg.Each of them is treated the same.

If we don’t have in our offer what you need please write, call and we do our best to find it for you!. We hope that you would like to join to our clients who back to us with a pleasure to make a purchase.